10 Reasons to move to Colorado

Colorado is one of the best states for anyone to look at if they plan on move to Colorado, only one decade did they see less than 10% growth. That was the 1940 census, and they saw 8% most decades. They see between 15 and 20% population growth. A lot of people move there. Its nickname is the Centennial State because it was admitted into the Union in 1876, 100 years after we became a nation. 

There are hundreds of reasons a person would want to move to Colorado like the great outdoors, amazing air quality, and even better people. For decades Colorado has been one of the most moved states and now we’re going to list 10 reasons to move to Colorado.

1. Sunshine

Sunshine, Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the country, most people don’t think that because it’s not like Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas, where, you know, those are most of the time considered deserts. At least that’s stereotypically what people think of those things.

On average, Colorado gets about 300 mostly sunny days, with some overcast days trickling in there but for the most part, it’s a very, very sunny state. The average annual rainfall is only about 15 inches a year, and that’s way below the national average. The national average is about twenty-nine inches. Now up in the Rockies, they do get more than enough snow that keeps them watered throughout the year. They just don’t get much rain.

2. City and Scenery

You get the best of both worlds in Colorado. You can enjoy the big city life of Denver, Fort Collins, Pueblo, Boulder, Grand Junction, wherever, while still being able to escape and enjoy the scenery of various national parks, the Rocky Mountains. Other than the Denver area, most cities are spread out like you have some land between each one of them.

If you like action sports this is the state for you. Colorado residents order more GoPro cameras than any other state. So that should tell you something while going the complete other direction. Its neighbor Kansas orders the deepest fryers and all of the United States.

3. Pet Friendly

People love their pets, and dogs, especially when people are Googling cities for possible relocation. Is it dog friendly is the fourth most searched term in Colorado. You can find more businesses than almost any other state that will welcome your furry little friend with open arms. They are ranked number two when it comes to being pet-friendly.

Some of the nation’s best animal protection laws, for example, domestic abuse can include crimes against victims and animals, and veterinarians are required to report suspected cruelty. Most veterinarians will probably report that if they’re fairly sure that someone is abusing an animal. But in Colorado, they have to go to Google Maps and just get over Denver and search dog parks. Take a look, they have like 25 of them.

4. Tourism

The Centennial State is a very popular vacation destination between the slopes in the Hotspring. The state hits a new tourist milestone every single year. It seems Colorado had around 89 million visitors in twenty-eighteen. Tourism is a major industry in Colorado. The industry supports more than one hundred and seventy thousand jobs throughout the state, earning about six point three billion dollars. Besides the normal stuff, they also have a festival for a dead guy celebrating his 18th year in twenty nineteen.

The frozen dead guy days continue to be a world-renowned spectacle. People fly in from all over the world for this twisted little event. This strange festival pays homage to Breteau Marzel.

5. Great Small Towns

Colorado overflows with great small towns. You have all the ones that everyone on the planet sort of like Aspen, Breckenridge, Durango, Vail, Glenwood Springs, that’s just naming a few. They also have some cool, lesser-known towns like Rocky. He fought Rocky Ford as a small town that is home to about 4000 residents and it’s also the Melen capital of the world. The town has a long history of growing melons

By 1881, the town was producing more than 300 tons of watermelons every year. Today, the town has six or eight melon farms and the town is very proud of its beginnings and its melons. Their high school mascot is even a melon. They’re called the Melania’s.

6. The Views

Colorado has some of the most beautiful views in America. The views are absolutely unreal, and the Colorado sunsets with mountains make it even better, it is like being in nature and experiencing all these beautiful sights and it is so impressive to see what mother nature has done to our planet.

Most of the people here do something. Mountain biking, hiking, something like that. Colorado has the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. They have everything but rainforests and swamps. They have mountains, plains, deserts on the east side, canyons, forests, rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

7. Strong Economy

Colorado is a really good state to start a business. US News ranked them as the fifth most business-friendly state in 2019. A lot of businesses have moved to Colorado in recent decades, and this has helped maintain a healthy unemployment rate over the years. Colorado has also been ranked fifth overall for the strongest.

Colorado’s unemployment rate before the pandemic hovered around 2% to 5%, while the national average was around 3% to 7%. So they were below a full percentage point even during the height of the last April and stuff, they arrived at 5% past 12%, where the rest of the country was on average almost 15%.

8. History

Colorado is full of history. Thankfully, the history of the Native Americans who lived here in the past and actually in the present wasn’t completely washed away when they were admitted into the union in 1876. The people of Colorado embrace and take immense pride in the Native American backstory that this state has. The history of Colorado dates back over fourteen thousand years, a lot of years.

There are over twenty history museums in the state giving access to Colorado’s history from every point of view, not just the stereotypical 1950s Hollywood storyline where, you know, the Indians were evil and we were just, you know, people trying to make a living off the land and get attacked all the time.

9. National Monuments

Colorado is filled with national monuments that attract many visitors every single year. Some monuments include Four Corners. It’s where the state borders of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado all meet pretty cool. The only place in the country that does that, is the Rocky Mountains. Everyone has to see it at least once in their life. I’ve been through it several times, like all the way through it. It’s amazing. They have Aztec ruins, Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat-top Mt.

Bishop Castle and so many more, are not only national monuments but they have probably one of the best amphitheaters in the country, Red Rocks. You’ve never seen a concert there. You’re in Colorado. I don’t even care if you don’t like the music. Just go to Red Rocks and see something there. It’s amazing. It’s not just skiing and mountain biking. Colorado is so much more.

10. The People

There are a handful of States that I will say the people are major, plus for moving to certain States or cities most of the time. It’s the hospitality thing you’d get in most of the Southern States. 

The brilliance of Colorado is the independent spirit and the willingness to accept people for who they are. I know it seems strange, but they are known for this, and I have experienced it many times. It’s like a kind of reassurance that you do if you’re not hurting anyone, do whatever you want to do. The people are just good people, and it’s easy to make friends in Colorado is probably the best thing I can tell you.

All right, so that’s my top 10 reasons to move to Colorado. Hope you got some information out of it. Colorado is a great state. Everyone should go visit at least once or twice in their life, maybe even move there. Don’t matter what the people from Colorado tell you to do.

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